Shake up your wake up with Macbeth’s


Shake up your wake up with Macbeth’s

Shake up logoMacbeth’s is supporting National Breakfast Week and what better way to start the day than with one of their specially put together breakfast hampers.

The breakfast pack contains everything you need necessary for the king of breakfasts.

Packed with pork sausage, lorne sausage, middle bacon and the newly rebranded superfood black pudding, it’s everything you need to kick start your day.

Even better, the pack can be bought online or in store.

Macbeth’s take great pride in their produce.

The pork sausages were awarded with a 2 Star Great Taste Award and they are all made using natural skins and are hand linked.

But it is their award winning black pudding which will really set you up for the day. Used by Michelin Star restaurants up and down the country, it is a must for any breakfast especially now, it’s good for you.

This humble fare made from oats, pig blood, and spices is now up there sharing the limelight with the likes of blueberries, salmon, kale, acai and goji berries.

The benefits of the black pudding when you break down what it’s made of are actually quite obvious. It’s full of protein, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron and it’s practically carb free – what’s not to like?

To celebrate this momentous news and to mark National Breakfast Week which runs until January 30th, we are offering 10% off our black pudding until the end of January. Simply use this code: MACBLACK10 and enjoy!