Macbeth’s promises you a sizzling Valentine’s Day


Macbeth’s promises you a sizzling Valentine’s Day

Kevin, head butcher from Macbeth's with the sizzling sausages.

Kevin, head butcher from Macbeth’s with the sizzling sausages.

Macbeth’s is promising to get our customers’ love lives sizzling after launching a special sausage to celebrate Valentine’s day.

We have created the meaty treat to ensure this annual day of romance goes off with a bang-er.

At the heart of the idea was Macbeth’s Butcher and Game Dealer owner Jock Gibson.

Based on our award winning pork sausage recipe, Jock and the team created the Valentine’s Sausage which is packed with white chocolate and chilli – both aphrodisiacs which apparently are guaranteed to add a bit of sweet and spice to the evening!

Jock said: “This is the ideal treat for Valentine’s Day. They say the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, so we have built on that idea and created something really sensational. Sausages are dead easy to cook, so whoever buys them will not only be able to dazzle their loved one with a beautiful yet affordable meal, but knowing they went to the trouble to buy our special Valentine’s Day sausages, is sure to get them extra brownie points.”

He added: “The recipe for this romantic creation uses our award winning pork sausage recipe. The succulent meat combined with the sweet chocolate perfectly balances the chillies which add a bit of heat and fire, prefect for Valentine’s Day. It took a bit of research to decide which ingredients we would use. There are actually quite a lot of aphrodisiacs out there, but not all of them would have worked with a pork sausage. Then we tinkered with the quantities and have definitely come up with something that will add a spark.”