Lambing 2018 Day 2 – A quiet Day


Lambing 2018 Day 2 – A quiet Day

Feeding a lamb

Giving the Lamb a wee boost

I woke up to the wind and rain which was unwelcome after the week of good weather since arriving on the West! Thankfully though it wasn’t cold. I headed off on the quad with Glen, the trusty collie dog, leading the way to feed the expectant ewes. It is a good opportunity when the ewes come into feed to survey the field to see what ewes haven’t come in; it can often be because they have just lambed or are lambing. I only spotted one new lamb on the bottom part of the field. It was up on its feet and its mother was being attentive so all good. I left it quiet and headed up to the hill part to check things up there.

There were 2 new lambs, really good, strong lambs again with attentive mothers. Everything seemed to be quite normal with nothing needing attention so I headed back in for breakfast!

We went out later in the morning to do our morning check. I marked the 2 big lambs, they were both male lambs and when we mark them we tend to castrate them unless they are good lambs. I decided not to castrate both these lambs, they were bright, alert and healthy looking with a full tummy of milk and good mothers – all good breeding traits. We will wait and see in a few months if it was a good decision or not!

We took a bottle of lambs milk out with us to supplement feed a couple of lambs who’s mothers don’t have enough milk. It just helps to give them a wee boost and make them stronger.

Dad did the afternoon round, a new set of twins. That was it for the day, a quiet day on the lambing field.