Wild Roe Deer venison is milder than its red counterpart. Often found in more lowland and farm ground, roe inhabit woodland areas. Management of roe deer is vital as they often damage the young woodlands that they like so much. We ensure that our roe deer are culled by professionals operating as local to us as possible with the majority of it coming from Dallas and the surrounding area. Some of the roe is from our farm!

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  • Diced Roe

    Diced Roe

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  • Roe Burger

    Roe Burger

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  • Roe Escallop

    Roe Escallop

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  • Roe Haunch Joint

    Roe Haunch Joint

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  • Roe Mince

    Roe Mince

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  • Roe Deer Sausage

    Roe Sausage

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  • Rolled Venison Haunch

    Rolled Roe Haunch

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  • Rolled Roe Saddle

    Rolled Roe Saddle

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  • Wild Roe Pack

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