Bonfire Night party food ideas


Bonfire Night party food ideas

The 5th of November is just around the corner and should be about sparklers, family fun, big bangs and of course comfort food to warm you up when you come in from the cold.

Bonfire night fireworks

Make sure your bonfire night party goes with a bang.

If you’re planning a fireworks party you know you can rely on Macbeth’s. There’s no need to turn to the ready-made meals. Instead with a bit of forward planning, you can set fire to the junk and serve up a real home-made treat that will set alight those taste buds and leave your guests wanting more.

Done the right way, Guy Fawkes’ Night can be a great celebration.

Here are our top four warming dishes to make sure your evening goes off with a bang(er)!

Sausage and mash

Meaty sausages, fluffy mash, onions and lashings of gravy – perfect for warming those cockles.

Pulled pork

Marinate it, pop it in the oven for around six hours and then serve with crusty rolls and your choice of sauces. Very simple and easy for feeding a crowd.

Chilli Con Carne

Again, another good crowd pleaser, this hot, spicy dish is an easy make-ahead supper and can be served with anything as simple as a baked tattie, tortillas or rice.

Firecracker Beef

This is the ultimate Bonfire Night treat. It’s not our own recipe but we are happy to share it as it’s simply mouth-watering.

Here it is courtesy of the BBC Good Food guide –

All of these dishes can be made using the finest meats from Macbeth’s.