Lambing Day 9 – Aila had a little lamb


Lambing Day 9 – Aila had a little lamb

little lambIt was a beautiful morning, which makes checking the sheep far more enjoyable! A perfect day for lambs to come into the world!

Aila, Katie and I went round this morning. I have had to lamb a sheep every day since I arrived and the one day I have someone who is really keen to see a lamb been born there is nothing happening! Although it is great that all the ewes have managed to lamb unassisted. There were six new lambs this morning including a set of twins.

One of the twins we marked was the smallest lamb yet – 1.9kg! Our average lamb weight I’d say is 5kg.  It was very cute this little lamb and very lively despite its size! Aila managed to catch the lamb which she was delighted with, the first lamb she has managed to catch all be herself.

The ewes are always protective of their lambs so don’t like it when we catch their lamb to mark. The really good mothers will stay right by her lamb smelling it, us and all the equipment we have. It’s not unknown to get butted by the ewe too. Other ewes will run off, looking everywhere for her lamb, and eventually will return to the same spot when we finish to be reunited with her lamb.

Fiona and Aila marking the lambWe marked another set of twins which were a couple of days old which meant they were a little stronger and a little faster. Despite their looks, these little white woolly creatures can be pretty fast and catching them can sometimes be a challenge.

Daisy is doing well in the fank, she is with her mother but we are still feeding her. Alastair is doing a great job of feeding her lamb’s milk, which is a powdered product hich we mix with warm water. It has all the nutrients required.