We are a paleo dieter’s dream


We are a paleo dieter’s dream

Macbeth’s is delighted to have been recommended as the go-to place for people who are following a Paleo diet.

We actually got the shout out on a Paleo eaters Facebook group.

What is paleo?

Carvery Rump SteakPaleo is a lifestyle choice in which people doing it follow dietary recommendations that would have been consumed by our ancestors millions of years ago.
The diet can include vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts and the idea is that followers of Paleo avoid anything a prehistoric man wouldn’t have had such as dairy, pulses, sugar and of course processed foods.

The meat

Meat – is also a big part of the diet, but how the meat is reared is key and that’s where we come in.

All of our beef is grass fed – a paleo dieters dream. Grass fed beef we believe is superior in taste and texture but also is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 which are vital as part of a healthy diet.

Why Macbeth’s?

One of the attractions of using us is that you can buy online and because we rear our own cattle, we have complete control of the meat from farm to fork.

Your order is prepared fresh to order and delivered on a day you request.  Everything is vacuum packed and then placed into a poly box with ice packs to keep everything cool.  It gets from us to you via an overnight courier and in most cases in the UK, it will be with you in the morning.

A paleo diet is not for everyone, I certainly couldn’t manage it, however we are delighted that Macbeth’s is able to offer good quality meat to those who have chosen this interesting lifestyle.