“Old” Season Lamb


“Old” Season Lamb

Cannon of Lamb

Lamb Cannon

As we approach Easter, the subject of New Season Lamb (not to be confused with New Zealand Lamb) keeps cropping up. People often look for New Season lamb as they enjoy the milder sweeter flavour that this meat offers.

Whilst we are waiting for New Season lamb to appear (typically about June), we have the perfect opportunity to enjoy some of last years lamb. This lamb is now nearly hogget (1 year old) and because it is older and has had longer to mature, the meat has a delicious depth of flavour to it not found in New Season Lamb. It is no where near as strong as mutton (a delicacy in its own right!) but there is a more developed taste to it than lamb. The meat also has a coarser texture to it as well.  As with beef, hanging is also a very important process and typically lamb should be dry aged for a week to ten days to help enhance the flavour and tenderness.

At Macbeth’s, we run with the seasons so all lamb sold at the moment is “Old” Season lamb.  We will be stocking up for Easter where in particular legs (Gigots) are popular but we will also have other cuts available.  As always the more notice we can get of your requirements, the easier it is for us to select the very best for you.

Leg (Gigot) of Lamb

Roasted Leg of Lamb


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