Macbeth’s Traditional Hand Crafted Pies


Macbeth’s Traditional Hand Crafted Pies

For a long time now we have been committed to providing the best of Scottish meats, especially beef from our own farm, to kitchens up and down the country.  We take great pride in this but we are also always on the lookout for other great products that we can offer.  It has always been an ambition of mine to be add great cold cutting pies to our range but frankly we do not have the skills or facilities to do this.  We were therefore really excited when we met award winning pie maker Mr C a month ago and we have since teamed up with him to make a range of truly delicious pies.

As with all great pies, it starts with the pastry.  We use a special organic flour and the highest quality lard before being hand pressed into the highest quality pie case.  We then take the best of our own meats, rare breed pork, hill lamb and of course our own Edinvale Beef to make our wonderful range of Macbeth’s Traditional Hand Crafted Pies.

Our initial range include:

Traditional Pork Pie
Pork, Leek & Pancetta Pie
The Macbeth’s Black Pig Pie – Pork, leek and pancetta encased in our award winning black pudding
Beef and Horseradish Pie
Italian Lamb Pie

And this is just for starters. we are already developing more pies for our range as well as introducing some party sizes! I hope that you enjoy our traditional hand crafted pies as much as we do.