Evolution not Revolution


Evolution not Revolution

If you are a regular visitor to the Macbeth’s website, you may have noticed that there have been one or two changes. This is because we have completely updated the website. It’s not that the old one wasn’t any good, it is just that it was not working quite as well as we would have liked.

So we have developed a new website which will give us a lot more flexibility and allow us to add more features over time.  All in all we are aiming to give you a better online shopping experience.  One of the things that we need to let you know about however is that, whilst we have migrated customer accounts (delivery addresses, order history etc), we have not moved across your passwords. This is due to security and data protection.  Therefore you will need to reset your password. I hope that this does not cause you any issues but if it does then please do get in touch

To encourage people to use the site we are offering a 15% discount that is valid until the end of the month.  To get your discount, please use the following code at checkout:


We hope that you like the new site and we look forward to hearing any feedback that you might have on it.

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