Macbeth’s freezer packs offer significant discounts on our normal prices and are great as gifts for your foody friends and family.  Each pack is put together to order, so it arrives with you fresh and also allows you the option to change the contents if you wish.

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  • Poachers BBQ Pack

    Poachers BBQ Pack

    £12.95£64.75 Select options
  • Quick Grills Pack

    Quick Grills Pack

    £46.95£187.80 Select options
  • Rustlers BBQ Pack

    Rustlers BBQ Pack

    £17.95£89.75 Select options
  • Beef Eighth

    Beef Eighth

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  • Beef Selection Pack

    Beef Selection Pack

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  • Breakfast Pack

    Breakfast Pack

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  • Burger Selection Pack

    Burger Selection Pack

    £20.95£30.95 Select options
  • Deluxe Taster Pack

    Deluxe Taster Pack

    £58.95 Add to basket
  • Game Selection Pack

    Game Selection Pack

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  • Introduction Pack

    Introduction Pack

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  • Lamb and Pork Mix

    Lamb and Pork Mix

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  • Meals for 1

    Meals for 1

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  • Mince and Stew Pack

    Mince and Stew Pack

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  • School Holiday Survival Pack

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  • Side of Lamb

    Side of Lamb

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  • Side of Pork

    Side of Pork

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  • Side of Venison

    Side of Venison

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  • Topside Silverside Roast Pack

    Topside and Silverside Roasting Pack

    £27.95£56.95 Select options
  • Whole Lamb

    Whole Lamb

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  • Wild Roe Pack

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