Born and bred on a Brodie smallholding run by The Sutherlands, these shetlands feast upon the luscious grass on the aptly named Macbeths Hillock, about 4 miles from the shops location.

Macbeth’s Hillock is run by George and Karen, and their two children Arran & Luke. In Karen’s own words:

Visited by tourists for hundreds of years, Macbeth’s Hillock has been in our family since 1928 as part of the family farm. In 2013 we built our house beside the Hillock and started our journey towards telling the story of Macbeth’s Hillock and setting up the Glamping business.

Before Glamping we were a smallholding business and continue to use the remaining land for this purpose. We have a variety of hens, sheep and at times pigs that we rear. Some of the sheep are quite friendly and might let you give them a scratch. We also have lambs in spring that love to skip round the hillock. A fenced off area has been planted to trees and the grass allowed to grow providing habitat for wildlife.

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