We are extremely lucky to be able to offer you some out of this world, Hebridean Hogget.

These Hebrideans have come from Mel & Richard Groundsell of 411 Smerclate – Red Roof Uist.

This is a bit more about them in Mel’s own words:

I’m from Uist, and spent my childhood here and we have been back and forth ever since as a family. We lived up at the Butt of Lewis for eight years when our daughter was young, then moved back to Glasgow for work, and then moved back again here to Uist three years ago to take on the family croft and look after my elderly mother.

The croft had been out of use for a while and we are slowly working to get it back to full productivity. In addition to the sheep, we run cows and have a couple of weaners every year for the freezer. We grow our own hay, and winter forage for the animals, and try not to rely too much on bought in feed.

The sheep are run on the hill and the machair, and are free to forage widely (and wildly!). They are lovely, happy animals and we are very proud of the exceptionally high welfare standards we maintain on the croft.

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