Lamb – Slow Cooking Cuts

As with all sections of butchery, there are various cuts of meat that start out life as an off-cut but then become popular in their own right. Some of these are of a higher quality than others but, unlike the beef section where we have split them into premium off cuts and slow cooking cuts, we have listed lamb off cuts all on the same page.

Diced Lamb

This is an extremely popular cut for stews and curries. It is usually taken from the shoulder and as such might not be the leanest of cuts. If diced lamb is required for dishes such as a fondu, it may be desirable to specify that it is cut from the leg. However you are likely to have to pay a bit more for this.

Lamb Shank

One of the trendier lamb off-cuts, this is a good slow cooking dish. It is taken from the rear legs and is full of flavour.

Minced Lamb

Minced lamb is used for dishes such as shepherds pie, moussaka and kebabs, and comprises of trimmings from all cuts of lamb. It is important that it is kept as lean as possible.

Breast of Lamb

The equivalent of pork belly, this is a cut that is most commonly rolled and and used as a slow cooking joint. It can also be layed flat and roasted, grilled or barbecued.