Lamb – Chops and Steaks

Lamb chops and steaks are fantastic for a quick and easy meal. There are a variety of different cuts available and each has its own characteristics.

Single Loin Chop / Cutlet

Single loin lamb chops or cutlets as they are otherwise known come from the best end of the lamb. They are extremely tender and make a very elegant dish if they are French trimmed to expose the ends of the rib bones.

Double Loin Chop

This comes from the loin of the lamb and is the equivalent of a T-bone beef steak in that they both comprise the fillet and the sirloin of the animal.

Barnsley / Saddle Chop

Again this comes from the loin area or the lamb but is cut accross the whole saddle so that you have a butterfly shaped double loin chop – a bit more of a feast.


Noisettes are made by boning and rolling the lamb loin which is then sliced into attraactive steaks.

Gigot Chop

Cut from the leg of the lamb, these are lean steaks that are also juicy and tender.