Beef – Steaks

The ultimate in fast food! Steaks are a very versatile cut and very quick to cook as well as being a healthy option. There are a number of different types with differing attributes and cost and once you have worked out which one you would like, our Meat Mentor steak cooking guide will help you cook it to your taste.


The most expensive cut on the animal, this is extremely lean and tender. It is mostly cooked as a steak but is also used for Beef Wellington and for the really adventurous, Carpaccio. If you ever wonder at the high price of fillet, remember that there is only about 5kgs of fillet on each animal as opposed to about 50kgs of stewing beef!
6oz (185g) per serving.


An extremely tasty and tender steak with a good cover of fat on the outside and well marbled through the centre. We trim each steak so that it keeps a thin even layer of fat on the outside to maintain the famous sirloin taste. However as each steak is prepared to order you can feel free to specify the level of fat cover.
8oz (225g) per serving


At Macbeth’s, we call this the lovers’ steak as it is a great one for sharing. Cut from the sirloin roast and left on the bone, it is made up of the fillet and the sirloin – just make sure you both get a bit of each side!
14oz (395g) per serving

Rib Eye

An ever more popular steak, this is an extremely well marbled steak with a seam of fat running through the middle which gives it its great flavour. This is a great cut for a relaxed quick cook meal.
10oz (285g) per serving

Rump Steak

Our favourite at Macbeth’s, this is a lean, tender cut but full of flavour. Known as Popeseye in Scotland, it is great as a steak but also cut thinly, it makes a fantastic ingredient for salads or stir fry.
6oz (185g) per serving

Minute Steak

A great steak for flash frying in, well about a minute!!! Ideal for steak sandwiches or stirfry.
6oz (185g) per serving