Beef – Slow Cooking Cuts

There are lots of occasions when we want to cook with nothing but the best to enjoy and impress. However everyday life exists and for that we need everyday cuts as well. We supply a number of items from the same high quality beef that we use for our joints and steaks – well we have not used the whole animal yet have we?

Best Casserole Steak

Otherwise known as round steak, best casserole steak comes from a hind muscle. It is ideal for fondue’s and for really special dishes like boeuf bourguignon as it is quick cooking and very lean.

Diced Shoulder Stew

Though not as tender as best casserole steak, shoulder stew is great nonetheless for stews and curries where the meat is browned off and then slowly cooked in a sauce.


Called Coo’s Wag at Macbeth’s this is great for winter warming stews and soups

Shin of Beef

Shin of beef contains a lot of connective tissue and therefore really needs to be used in slow cooking recipes. It provides a very flavoursome dish and is often used in braising dishes or stews.

Beef Olives

These are made of sausage meat wrapped in thin slices of topside beef and make a fantastic stew.

Fillet Tails

Great for stir fry or stroganoff dishes, the fillet tail comes from the thin end of the fillet which is too thin to cut to steaks or to use as a fillet roast.

Steak Mince

Again taken from premium cuts, steak mince is very lean and of course great for making bolognaise, your own burgers or just great simple mince and tatties!