Scotch Beef

We think that our Scotch beef is up with the best and here’s why.We use traditional native breeds of cattle that are well suited to the ground on which we farm.They are kept in a natural, extensive environment.  They live outside during the summer and during the winter, the young are brought inside.

They are Grass Fed – not force fed. They are not given any growth promoters.

We use a nearby slaughter house, keeping travelling distances to a minimum. This is vital as it will greatly reduce any stress experienced by the animal which would otherwise have a detrimental effect on the quality of the meat.

The meat is all hung for a minimum of three weeks.

Edinvale and Macbeth’s are members of Quality Meat Scotland which independently inspects our operations to ensure that it is meeting the latest quality standards. This extends to the monitoring of vetinary health plans and environmental sustainability.

We are part of a rural stewardship scheme to help achieve a better balance of farming and maintaining indigenous eco-systems.

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