Private Processing

If you have your own animals that you would like butchered and processed for your own freezer, please get in touch and we will quote you for the work.We will also quick freeze it for you, helping to ensure that when you eventually take it out of your own freezer, the quality is still up to standard.Macbeth’s can make a variety of products as well for you including sausages and burgers if you so wish.

Please do contact us with your specific requirements on queries about this service that we offer.

As a rough guidline we charge the following for cutting and processing.

Cattle / Buffalo£450 eachSausages£2.00 /kg
Sheep / Goat£30 eachBurgers£1.50 /kg
Pigs£60 eachHaggis£3.50 /kg
Venison Hind£40 eachCuring£2.50 /kg
Venison Stag£60 each

Please note that these prices are guidelines only and the final price will depend on specific cutting and packing requirements.